Monday, May 7, 2012

Am I better off alone?

I met a really good guy and we've been dating for a while now. He's really genuine and caring and patient with me. He doesn't know what happened but I'd say I'm going to have to soon. We started sleeping together. It was actually fine. However the closer I feel to him the more freaked out I get. I'm sure that makes sense I suppose. Last night he spent the night and I found myself having awful nightmares, all day I've been feeling really anxious and scared basically.

My chest is really tight and the nightmares I'm having are really vivid. It's probably because I'm sharing a bed with a guy I care about! Life would be alot simpler if I was still alone...hmmm is it worth it? I'm confused, on the one hand I have feelings for him but I'm scared of those feelings. Maybe I'm better off alone...