Monday, July 30, 2012

2 years on

So tomorrow will mark 2 years since it happened. I'm finding today tough, I feel an awful feeling of dread hanging over me. I'm trying to think of the positives like how far I've come, how much better my life is lately but I think I'm also aloud to be a bit sad today. Everyone's comments lately have been so amazing. It lifts my heart.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happiness is that you?

I have been feeling happy lately, things are going great with my boyfriend. He's an amazing guy, makes me feel so comfortable and is proud of me for what I've overcome. I never thought I would ever feel content or happy again. It's not all the time, I still have ups and downs but the holding on for dear life, working with my therapist, the support from my family and this wonderful network of people I've met online has brought me to a point where I can allow myself to be happy.

I deserve it. I've been true hell and I deserve to feel happy again.

It's nearly two years since it happened, there are no words to describe how unbelievably horrible it has been but finally I'm starting to come out the other side.

I still have more work to do but I'm getting there!