Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A couple of days into the holiday

Well I made it, I´m on holidays. We nearly missed our flight, about 30 seconds more and we wouldn´t have made it. I nearly passed out with the relief when we finally made it. We stayed the first night in Malaga. I didn´t like it there, it´s a lovely city it´s just that there were so many people I didn´t know. Where we are staying is perfect, it´s very quiet right now and there aren´t too many people and the town itself is lovely so it´s perfect!

The day before I left for holidays I had a therapy session, for the first time we talked about what happened in a fair bit of detail. It was the first time I spoke about how I felt in the tent, the only other time I detailed what happened was in my statement and that was very factual and disconnected. Since the therapy session I find that I´m a little panicky, like I can´t catch my breath and I wouldn´t be doing anything. I could be just sitting there and would have trouble breathing. I keep getting flashes from that night out of no where and my sleeping has gotten worse. Maybe it´s because I have so much time over here to think. Maybe it´s what I need to do to deal with it. No matter where you go there´s no getting away from it. There´s no taking a break from it.

I was hoping to hear back from the DPP after I wrote to them appealing their decision not to prosecute before I left for holidays but I didn´t so I´ll probably have a letter waiting for me when I get back. I know it´s going to say that they still aren´t going to prosecute him but at least I know I have done all I can. Then maybe I will get some sense of closure and I can start moving on. It sounds so easy!

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