Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Galway Ireland Slutwalk

A Slutwalk has been organised in Galway for the 5th of October. Initially I was on the fence about the term slutwalk but having read the reasons behind the name I fully support it. Slutwalk began because a member of the Toronto Police in Canada remarked that women should avoid dressing like sluts to avoid being sexually assaulted.

It's this kind of narrow minded and frankly stupid remarks that have victims blaming themselves for someone else's violent acts. Anyone in Ireland reading this should do their best to attend.

I'll be there!



  1. i still think the event should not be named that way. Because, it just glorifies a wrong thing said by someone. That issue should have been forgotten. Just like Mother Teresa never "fought" poverty.. she just helped the poor. This "slutwalk" name just gives the devil more energy. the devil gains power if we recognize him. it just gives him unnecessary importance.
    Anyways.. thanks for the post..

    Be blessed always dear friend ..

    Woody Blue from twitter :)

  2. I was planning on going to the London Slutwalk but in the end changed my mind, i 100% agree with what they were protesting, i just disagree with the name and i think people dressing up as 'sluts' sends the wrong message.

    Whilst clothing is wrongly used by people to rationalise a rapists motive for rape, a large majority of victims are not even provocatively dressed. My view is people who have been affected by sexual violence will understand what the protesters are trying to convey, the audience are narrow minded and ignorant and will just see it as a bunch of girls walking down the street half naked. People are more focused on the provocative clothing then what they are actually protesting.

    I do love this cause, i personally just wish they would change the name, and just dress normally! This is what put me off attending in the end...well that and i chickened out lol!

    If you do go please take pictures (I loved all the banners from the london one) and write a piece about it on your blog :-)
    I will be very interested to see how you got on!