Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No matter where I turn

It seems like no matter where I turn things are against me. Why is it that there is nothing there to protect the victim. The law is there to protect the accused and when someone is willing to help the victim the law says that they can't. A TD (politician) wanted to support me in my appeal with the DPP but has been told by the DPP that he can't get involved because it would be inappropriate for a public representative to become involved.

So how am I supposed to try and get justice when I can't even go to my public representatives? No matter where I turn to try and get justice for what happened to me there is something that stops it.

No, we can't prosecute your attacker because he had been drinking and so had you.
No, we can't prosecute your attacker because you willingly were alone with him and said you let him kiss you.
No, we can't prosecute your attacker because you didn't scream.
No, you actually can't go to anyone to help you get justice, you can only write a letter to appeal and we will write back, that's it.
No, we can't meet with you to give you an explanation.

I've been so stupid and naive by thinking that by some miracle they will say we made a terrible mistake actually, we can see now that yes this was rape and we are going to give you your day in court.

Silly me, I'll just go back to feeling hopeless and let down and completely defeated once again. What's the point in fighting when you haven't a chance of winning.


  1. These are the reasons they have given you? Really? In the United States, these aren't reasons! If you didn't want to, you did not consent and that was it! Alcohol, kissing, screaming, none of that matters! This isn't fair! How can this be the law?

  2. I was raped at the age of 21 by strangers 22 years ago. Of course I still remember every single detail. It happened at bus stop 9 p.m. in evening it was summer August 1991. I get first guy at the bus stop. I was physically strong 21 old girl I offered resistance; rapist could not deal with me without breaking my bone. (Day after the doctor in hospital tell me it was right hand humerus). Near the bus stop was some house I was without shoes and I went from bus stop to this house by my foot. In this house I get two other guys. I could run away only in the morning. Someway I reached to the hospital and doctor in hospital asked (probably I looked very bad) was it rape. I said yes, and after I get policeman directly into hospital asking some questions. I was not drunk and I was raped
    by the strangers. My own mother starts to blame me. Probably I never be able to forgive it completely. She starts to blame me because it happened in downtown and it was too late to wait bus. Her problem was not find out these gays, she found it is practically normal thing what happening to anyone who use latest bus. I visited 3 times police station and do not get any justice. It was difficult and complicated story. Yes, it was not Ireland or U.K. I am from Estonia (my language is not perfect because it is not my mother tongue) but Estonia is EU now.
    Why I write it to You. We both did not get any justice, but really think You were little happier(only little) than I, because You were drunk this moment it happened to You. If knew it before (I practically not use alcohol only if I cooking) somebody is going rape me I drink hard of course…may be bones were not broken (no need to brake bones) and I physically and mentally survived better rape.
    I have higher education and one child (5 year old) and I have lived together with my child father 10 years. It is possible survive rape of course, but only people who do not know what it is can tell it is easy.
    I wish You my very best.