Friday, April 1, 2011

Devastated by the justice system

I am so devastated at the decision. I can't believe it. My life is in shreds and my family have been torn apart by this and all along I hoped that someday  I might see justice, that my rapist will get what he deserves. The fact that they based their decision on alcohol makes me sick, it scares me that the people in this country responsible for our safety are happy to send the message that if someone rapes you while you have drink taken then forget it. That's what you get for drinking in the first place.

And the message it sends to my rapist is not to worry you can attack, bite, bruise, hurt, hold her down, push her back down on the ground as she continually tries to get away, you can stop her answering her phone as her friend calls her repeatedly because she knew something was wrong, as she begs you to stop as she pleads with you to let her go and find her friends as she fights you for over an hour before she finally gave in as long as you have the excuse that you were drunk.

How are you supposed to move on from this and lead a normal life?

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  1. I am a survivor and thriver of rape and molestation. I am also the mother of a 23 yr old. I am reading and catching up here. I just want to reach out and pull you away from this nightmare and say to you, "I am so sorry he did all those bad things to you. I am so sorry he didn't stop when you said no. And I want you to know you are loveable. You do matter. And you do make a difference."