Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Four

Well my fourth day back at work is over and work is going ok, I'm managing and coping well I think. I'm finding in the evenings that I'm getting that old ball of stress in my chest. I need to find a way of working through it so that I can function properly. I can't keep coming home with this. Another reason for it is probably that I didn't have counselling last week. I find that if I don't have a session every week then I start feeling very anxious and a little overwhelmed going into the second week. My next session is Thursday and I wish it was now!

I'm going to take up a class in Tai Chi to try and help with the stress I heard that's supposed to be good. It's not one thing that's making me feel this way it's everything and I don't want things to start piling up again.I wish I had a stress valve that you could just open up and let the pressure out when it starts getting to much. Might be tough to go to sleep tonight. Oh well that's life.

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  1. Im really pleased work is going well for you! The stress would be much more worse if you having to cope with being back at work and it not going well. At least thats a positive :-)